Simple PHP Guestbook

This is a very simple guestbook done in PHP, named as Simple PHP Guestbook. It is doesn't use SQL database and is distributed under GPL license. Simple PHP Guestbook is VERY easy to install and integrate to existing webpage! It is coded by Pasi Havia and you may contact him via e-mail at

I did this for my own use first. I tried to find a simple guestbook script from the web that didn't use SQL, had paging and was light & simple. I didn't find a suitable so I wrote this. Probably some other people are not satisfied with the guestbooks they have found from the web too. Maybe they are searching for such a simple solution as I did? This is the reason I've published this Simple PHP Guestbook. Keep in mind that this is originally made just for my own use and it is not been developed any further. If people like this I may start developing it as I'm already aware of some bugs in it.


1. Unzip
2. Transfer all unzipped files to your webserver
3. Change guestbook.txt file attributes so that it is writable by public. For example 'chmod 646 guestbook.txt'.
4. You are ready to use! Just make a link to readbook.php or to addbook.php from your webpage.

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Use CSS for setting the guestbook's layout.

Current version 1.0
Pasi Havia, 2nd April 2003